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Bricks, Innovations and other surprises at Printemps des Etudes 2018

A surprise is waiting for you at Printemps des Etudes on April 5 and 6 at Palais Brongniart in Paris. Come and share your demands with us at stand C5 and we will tell you all about our latest innovations… a new version for data collection tips for the transition to GDPR IRIS, our new Dashboard design platform developed in partnership with E-Tabs … and our 50 commemorative bricks!

New KB article roundup

New KB article roundup

This article aims to provide you with the best of our most recently published articles on our Help Centre, these range from AskiaDesign and AskiaSurf to AskiaWeb. Redirect out of an Askia survey and back again Sometimes it’s required to leave an Askia survey to take part in an external exercise and return to the survey to complete it. In such cases, it may be required to take parameters from the Askia survey to the external application or page. This article will show an example of these requirements using AskiaDesign. Check out…

AskiaField 5.4 is ready for you

AskiaField 5.4 is ready for you header

We are thrilled to announce that Askia’s entire software suite is ready for deployment in version 5.4. Among the list of features of this major version, we want to highlight the very reason that made us switch to a new version track. Quota revamp 5.4 introduces a total revamp of the quota system. Among the main features are Quotas can now be set up on multi-coded questions and numeric questions. Minimum and maximum quota targets. Easy crossed-quotas. Quota definition, monitoring and quota breakdown by interviewing mode are now on…

Quota: sticking to the script

Quota: sticking to the script

Nobody likes quota. They have the off-putting echo of a well-wishing community reluctantly leaving Apartheid behind. If researchers mention quota, it’s because you did not hit the targets. If a financial director mentions them, it’s to tell you how you went over and blew the budget. You do not like quota – and us, programmers, well, it was never our favourite part of the job. But with askiafield 5.4, we have put that behind us and made quota sexy. We have rebuilt the quota interface and the quota…

Enter the automation era!

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It’s not new, Market Research is doing badly. A few years back, to improve profitability, most major MR institutes have been sub-contracting Survey Programming and Data Processing to Eastern Europe or Asia. This has not been enough. The next step to increase productivity is automation. The successful launch of Zappi Store has made every one acutely aware of this. Zappi Store uses Millward Brown or Brainjuicer’s methodology to run very formatted studies, entirely automated at unbeatable costs. They have a survey with a few customisable parameters – say…

Askiaface for iOS 3.2.0

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Today, we released askiaface for iOS 3.2.0 on the App Store. This update includes the following new features: Kiosque mode for iPad Schedule daily survey data sync Kiosque mode This new feature allows you to setup an askiaface for iOS (for iPad only) questionnaire as a Kiosque survey. A Kiosque survey enables you to provide a self-interviewing environment with the following: Loop interviews: as soon as the current interview is completed, a new one is automatically generated and displayed on the tablet. Secured kiosque mode: users can only exit Kiosque mode…

New Knowledge Base articles!

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We’ve been adding a host of new articles and survey resources to our Help Centre; here are some of the most noteworthy of them: Quota Monitoring for Analyse & Vista This article shows the use of the Read quota function in a Closed by scripts created variable. We combine this function with table arithmetic scripts to create a portfolio that will allow you to monitor the progress of your quotas as new data is collected. The examples are shown in Analyse and Vista 6. This simple yet complete…

Askiaface for iOS 3.1.1 released!

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We are pleased to announce that we have just released an update to askiaface for iOS: version 3.1.1. This update includes the following improvements and fixes: Updated Base SDK to iOS 9.3 Added Remove survey feature Integrated UI for remove survey feature Added specific warning when deleting a survey with / without interviews Fix when resuming interview on a preliminary selection loops Fix on response blocks that contain MS Word’s `…` special character Delete survey The main feature, Delete survey, allows you to remove an available survey from…

Knowledge base updates

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Below a quick introduction to the latest articles added to our Knowledge base by our tech support team. Significance Testing for Overlapping & Independent Samples This article gives more information on the situations in which overlapping samples can be sig tested in askiaanalyse. This KB article explains the correct tests to use when testing for significance in independent or overlapping samples. If you are sig testing columns and it’s the case that a respondent belongs to more than one column (e.g. in a multi-coded question or loop summary table) then the…

AskiaField updated to 5.3.5

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AskiaField has been refreshed! As you might know, the dev team is full-blast, hands in the engine, getting ready to release our next major AskiaField version 5.4. Along with the early days of 5.4, our Belgian partners, MyForce, have recently made a big process audit and started implementing new software release systems, wishlist systems for new features, and large-scale automatic testing processes. Before these marvelous times come to production, we wanted to introduce you to our latest and final iteration of AskiaField 5.3 : version 5.3.5, which comes packed with features that are announcing 5.4 and its awaited…