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People often ask why Askia is a better platform for online surveys than many of the free or very cheap packages out there in the market. The above question shows this nicely in my view. We want to make answering survey questions as easy as possible for the respondents, so here we have compressed a lot of questions into a single, mobile responsive screen, rather than 5 or 6 screens. In this example we have combined many different question types in a table or grid (drop downs, single responses, sliders, open comment boxes).

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And by mobile responsive, we mean fully responsive, so whenever there is insufficient screen width to display the entire grid, the table is automatically deconstructed and the questions are presented in a smart, vertical method (as shown in the screenshot, left), so that there is never any horizontal scrolling required by the respondent.

But there is also a lot more going on here – we only display questions & rows when they are needed – they remain hidden until required. This is good as respondents are not going to be intimidated by seeing a large grid with multiple empty cells to fill in – things are revealed as they are needed. Notice that there are “don’t know” categories on both the slider and comments box. Often these get missed off in grid questions. How often do we still ask people for an opinion or comments when they don’t have one? You get bad data and a disgruntled respondent – not a good combination.

This grid also has a colour coded totaliser, that encourages the respondent to make the slider percentages add up to 100%. Another good way to ensure that the data you are gathering is clean, whilst also being easy & engaging for the respondent.

The survey designer has complete control over every aspect of this grid in Askia. It’s just one of the many Askia Design Controls (ADCs) shipped with the platform. You can use them out of the box or customise them to suit your own needs.

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