Voice is the most intuitive, natural and efficient way to communicate. It’s also an emotional microscope. So with increasing volumes of research data being captured through recorded audio and video, it can be a source of valuable insight.

The award winning Phebi platform goes beyond what people say, illuminating how they felt when they said it and translating that emotional response into data that can be analysed for greater insight. ​The combination of analysis of both emotion data (from the ‘tonal analysis’ of the respondent’s vocal characteristics) and the ability to visualise this data graphically enables researchers to understand people in a more nuanced way and better predict their behaviour.​ In effect, Phebi allows researchers to add qualitative depth to their quantitative surveys.

And here at Askia we are delighted to announce the availability of further capabilities with our partners at Phebi. With the most recent upgrade to Phebi, it is now possible for the platform to ingest video content as well as recorded audio.  With a Phebi credit account and Askia, you can begin adding audio and video options everywhere you collect open-ended verbatim questions at very affordable rates.

How does Phebi, with its new added video capabilities, add value to your existing research and analysis?

  • Automated transcription, translation and subtitling – Phebi algorithms enable fully automated transcription of recorded audio and the audio that forms part of recorded videos. Once transcribed, the text is then automatically added as a subtitle to the associated video. This saves time, effort and money. At the same time, it turns the video into a useable asset to help add life to the narrative for your research.
  • Quickly create compilations of relevant video snippets into enlightening ‘Show Reels’ – Phebi now includes a functionally useful video editing suite. This allows the user to compile the processed video and to select the snippets that illustrate a valuable insight, to form part of the summary and highlights.
  • A central repository for video content – Phebi easily lends itself to the job of video management and content storage, automatically organising your videos by project so that they can be quickly accessed, retrieved, and interrogated whilst confident that these assets are securely stored.
  • A way to upload, process and extract value from existing pre-recorded content. We see many examples where clients have existing recorded content, perhaps captured as part of a project but not fully exploited for its insight value. Phebi allows pre-recorded content to be uploaded and analysed quickly and easily.

For further and more detailed discussions, just ask your key account manager for a live demonstration and they can arrange a walk through for you.

Feature Image by Denise Jans on Unsplash