Our friends at Digital Taxonomy have been busy working on adding new functionality in Codeit, and Askia was delighted to be able to welcome Tim Brandwood, CEO & CO-Founder, back for a webinar that showcased some of the highlights.

Areas we will covered:

  • Askia 5.5.3 Integration – both Askia and Digital Taxonomy have worked incredibly hard on the new integration via the Askia API. It is ready and already in use by a few Askia clients. Tim showed how the two systems now work together.
  • Machine Translation –  we can now automatically translate verbatim texts, as they are loaded into Codeit
  • Theme Explorer – Tim unveiled the new tool for automatically identifying key themes in verbatim texts; building a code frame from these themes and then coding data
  • Coder Allocation – a new granular system for assigning workloads to coders. Very useful for big translation agencies, with groups of coders or indeed any agency that has to manage a set of external third party coders

You can view a recording of the session here:

Photo courtesy of DesktopNexus.com