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What’s new in Askiadesign 5.5.2

What's new in askiadesign 5.5.2?

Following Seyf’s introductory article on extending Analyse 5.5.2 with R and Python, the latest update to our survey authoring app, AskiaDesign, is now available. This major release contains many new features that are all detailed in our Help Centre; but if you just want the highlights, continue below 🙂 So, what’s new in AskiaDesign 5.5.2? Max visible iterations We’ve added a new property available for all Loop questions named Max visible iterations to define the number of the loop’s items will appear on a single screen. This property…

Analyse 5.5.2 – Jewels in the Crown (pt 1)

Analyse Extensions R Packages

As technology has evolved, data science techniques have become more mainstream and this, in turn, has contributed to the increased value of data in industries like yours and mine. Some say it’s the new oil! Whilst pitching their oil rigs in a sea of numbers, companies need to seek out the modern-day alchemists who can turn the regular data we all know into this black gold enthusiastically allegorised by economists and business leaders alike. Well, you don’t need to be Paulo Coelho to know which field you will…

Pragmatic machine learning – from Analyse to iOS

Machine learning is coming

I joined Askia in January as a techie and some might say that writing a data science post when surrounded by a bunch of confirmed data science nerds is stupid. I would say it’s suicidal. So to make everyone comfortable I’d like to add that this is not a data science article but a pragmatic approach of how anyone could use data from our analyse software to create some pretty cool predictive models. I am going to walk through a very basic example of how we used data…

Pirates’ favourite language? ARRRRR!

Pirates' favourite language?

The first time I heard about modelling and advanced statistics was when I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. The second time – a good 10 years later – was when I was taught about Factor Analysis by Herve de Milleville at university, and then later met Jean-Paul Benzecri, Ludovic Lebart and AndrĂ© Salem. My thought then was that Hari Seldon’s dream had come true. Unfortunately years of practice have put a damper on my hopes – post rationalisation made me blame Chaos Theory and as the famous adage goes:…

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press

This resource round up for survey authors, fieldwork managers and data scientists is broad; from leveraging our API to new survey controls to an updated Design! Connecting to Askiafield API with Postman If you want to extend the functionality of askiafield, you need to connect to our dedicated API. For this, we have detailed the entire authentication and connection process. All you’ll need is administrative access to your askiafield server, the actual API as well as an installation of Postman… and of course, the necessary step-by-step process in…

My podcast with Brazil

My podcast with Brazil

Jamin Brazil interviewed me for a podcast recently at the IIeX Conference in Amsterdam. You can listen to the podcast below. Jamin’s Happy Market Research podcasts are well worth subscribing to. He is a prolific podcaster and has built up a bank of over 200 podcasts with various movers and shakers of the MR scene over the last 9 months. You can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Android, Tunein, Google or via email – https://happymr.com/listen-🎧/

Askia at Printemps des Etudes 2019

Askia at Printemps des Etudes 2019

Not only will we be exhibiting at Printemps des Etudes 2019 at Palais Brongniart in the heart of Paris but this year we’ll also be conducting a workshop on data processing, dashboarding and dataviz around Iris, the dashboard design platform we’ve released with E-Tabs. Workshop Askia will take part in a workshop dedicated to data processing, dashboarding & data visualisation with Kantar, DataExpert & Le Sphinx: Thursday, April 11th in the Grand Auditorium. Event Come and visit us at booth 42 to check out our market research automation…

Askia Spring Webinar Series

Askia spring webinar series header image

After the success of last year’s June Webinar series 2018 we launched our Spring Series of Webinars in May 2019. Over a few weeks we hosted a number of web sessions highlighting the latest and greatest from Askia and our partners. AskiaPortal & Design Online – Askia’s Jerome Sopocko & Stephen Bronnec unveiled the first modules in long awaited online version of Askia. Platform One – Ed Messent from Platform One walked through some of the latest features in the system: Connect (DIY surveys), Dialog (automated dashboards) & Spotlight (easy qual moderation…

Askia User Survey 2018 Results

Askia user survey 2018 results

The 2018 edition of our popular Askia User Survey was mailed out this past winter. Once again, we received tons of amazing feedback.  You did not hold back! Your passion came through whether you were a new user, expert user, happy user, unhappy user.  We are humbled by your honesty. Trust that your feedback will be reviewed constructively and used to help you, your company, and Askia. “My first survey in my life that I fill out conscientiously :-D” (Ummmm… Thank you?) Whether it was an appreciative nod…

Askia U.S. is hiring! Business Development position

Askia US is hiring!

We are looking for candidates that are located within easy reach of either Greater New York or Greater Chicago (the two biggest areas in the U.S. to serve the market research industry). The position can be based from our New York office or can be based from home, if based in the Greater Chicago area. Description The primary responsibility of this position is new business generation from both the clients to find brand new clients for Askia.  Expected duties will include: Responsible for securing and growing the Askia…