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What’s new in Askiadesign 5.5.2

What's new in askiadesign 5.5.2?

Following Seyf’s introductory article on extending Analyse 5.5.2 with R and Python, the latest update to our survey authoring app, AskiaDesign, is now available. This major release contains many new features that are all detailed in our Help Centre; but if you just want the highlights, continue below 🙂 So, what’s new in AskiaDesign 5.5.2? Max visible iterations We’ve added a new property available for all Loop questions named Max visible iterations to define the number of the loop’s items will appear on a single screen. This property…

Design: Feet on the ground, head in the cloud

Design: feet on the ground, head in the cloud

The legend goes that, one day, we will release Design6, our online survey programming package. Check the night sky for a star indicating the Orient because D6 is scheduled for this winter. In the meantime, the D5 team is still very active. As we often do with other software, we first test and release functionalities for offline apps (in 5.4 and 5.5) to make them available later online (in D6). We have communicated already on the new Web Service routing and the changes to AskiaScript so JSON would…

MaxDiff grows!

MaxDiff grows!

This article provides an in-depth explanation of AskiaDesign‘s built-in capacity to manage MaxDiff data collection & analysis methodologies. For those of you who, like me, need a short reminder of what MaxDiff is; this is the definition provided by Wikipedia: The MaxDiff is a long-established academic mathematical theory with very specific assumptions about how people make choices: it assumes that respondents evaluate all possible pairs of items within the displayed set and choose the pair that reflects the maximum difference in preference or importance. It may be thought of as…

New KB article roundup

New KB article roundup

This article aims to provide you with the best of our most recently published articles on our Help Centre, these range from AskiaDesign and AskiaSurf to AskiaWeb. Redirect out of an Askia survey and back again Sometimes it’s required to leave an Askia survey to take part in an external exercise and return to the survey to complete it. In such cases, it may be required to take parameters from the Askia survey to the external application or page. This article will show an example of these requirements using AskiaDesign. Check out…

Latest resources for our users

Latest resources for our users

Even though we’ve been on holidays, some of our dedicated support staff have been working hard to provide you with some great resources for your upcoming surveys: help articles, new survey controls and more! Here’s an overview of all the new goodies you’ll be able to find on our help centre: Universe settings This short article covers all the basics on Universes, an often misunderstood feature of askiaanalyse. It’s indeed often ambiguously connected to another Filters / Sub-populations. The article in detail how Universes do not change the counts but change the percentages…

Our latest survey controls

Our latest survey controls header image

In order to allow our users to further engage with their respondents, we have been relentlessly adding new survey controls to our software offering. These controls, also known as ADCs (Askia Design Controls) are freely accessible to all Askia users and allow extended customisation so they fit your needs. Below, a selection of our latest survey controls: Responsive Table The Responsive Table ADC allows you to embed grid (matrix) questions in your survey without having to worry about mobile and tablet respondents. The table will expand / collapse depending…

New Knowledge Base articles!

New Knowledge Base articles header

We’ve been adding a host of new articles and survey resources to our Help Centre; here are some of the most noteworthy of them: Quota Monitoring for Analyse & Vista This article shows the use of the Read quota function in a Closed by scripts created variable. We combine this function with table arithmetic scripts to create a portfolio that will allow you to monitor the progress of your quotas as new data is collected. The examples are shown in Analyse and Vista 6. This simple yet complete…

Presenting ADXStudio

Presenting ADX Studio header image

ADXStudio is here!! What is it? ADXStudio is an IDE for people who want to create Askia Design Control (and later Askia Design Page) easier and faster. This application can support AskiaScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, … and more. ADXStudio was built with Electron, this application is based on NodeJS. Furthermore, we have included CodeMirror (already used in Design and Vista) to get a complete text editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion. Installation To install ADXStudio, follow the procedure available here. ADXStudio is available on Github and everyone who wants to contribute can…

Is Askia compatible with Windows 10 ?

AskiaSuite Starting from version 5.3.5 of AskiaSuite (askiadesign & askiaanalyse), our beloved swiss-army knife software suite is compatible with Windows 10. AskiaSuite 5.3.3 is NOT yet compatible (as of November 2015) with Windows 10. Please check the comments below to see the latest update. Supervisor & CATI While askiafield 5.3.3 appears to be compatible, we recommend using the latest 5.3.5 versions, for the sake of matching your AskiaSuite version. Web-based applications Our browser-based applications, such as askiavista or askiaweb are not affected by client OS changes and thus remain compatible. Happy upgrade!  

Brand new online documentation

New online documentation by Askia

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have released our brand new online documentation for our software suite: askiadesign, askiafield and askiaanalysis. You can access these new online assistants here: AskiaDesign Assistant AskiaField Assistant AskiaAnalysis Assistant This major update of our documentation was led by Tim Macer and Andrew Walford from Meaning Ltd and offers many new features: New help authoring tool We replaced our old help system (farewell RoboHelp!) and are now using a new web-based help authoring tool that allows us to easily update and…