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Playing with D3js and AskiaVista

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As you may already know, we added support for the Highcharts visualisation library as of version 6.0 of askiavista; and while it provides all the necessary visualisation needs for our online data analysis application, we had designed askiavista’s API to be agnostic when it comes to charting libraries. From our initial use of Nevron & Dundas Charts in version 5 to our use of Google Charts in one our initial demos of askiavista’s AJAX capabilities, we have always wanted to provide our users with the flexibility to chose their preferred charting library.…

Knowledge base updates

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Below a quick introduction to the latest articles added to our Knowledge base by our tech support team. Significance Testing for Overlapping & Independent Samples This article gives more information on the situations in which overlapping samples can be sig tested in askiaanalyse. This KB article explains the correct tests to use when testing for significance in independent or overlapping samples. If you are sig testing columns and it’s the case that a respondent belongs to more than one column (e.g. in a multi-coded question or loop summary table) then the…

Askiaface for iOS updated to version 3.0.12

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An update to askiaface for iOS is now available on the App Store. This minor update provides the following changes: Fixes an issue with certain ADCs displaying incorrect characters when non-latin languages were used Fixes an issue with resources not displayed in certain conditions (seems like we’ve finally got that one, sorry about it!) Full for support version 5.3.5 scripts and keywords We’ve also added some goodies in preparation for the next update; among which: resource uploads to Amazon Web Services and support for Askiaface Description, so stay tuned for…

Is Askia compatible with Windows 10 ?

AskiaSuite Starting from version 5.3.5 of AskiaSuite (askiadesign & askiaanalyse), our beloved swiss-army knife software suite is compatible with Windows 10. AskiaSuite 5.3.3 is NOT yet compatible (as of November 2015) with Windows 10. Please check the comments below to see the latest update. Supervisor & CATI While askiafield 5.3.3 appears to be compatible, we recommend using the latest 5.3.5 versions, for the sake of matching your AskiaSuite version. Web-based applications Our browser-based applications, such as askiavista or askiaweb are not affected by client OS changes and thus remain compatible. Happy upgrade!  

AskiaField updated to 5.3.5

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AskiaField has been refreshed! As you might know, the dev team is full-blast, hands in the engine, getting ready to release our next major AskiaField version 5.4. Along with the early days of 5.4, our Belgian partners, MyForce, have recently made a big process audit and started implementing new software release systems, wishlist systems for new features, and large-scale automatic testing processes. Before these marvelous times come to production, we wanted to introduce you to our latest and final iteration of AskiaField 5.3 : version 5.3.5, which comes packed with features that are announcing 5.4 and its awaited…

Askia User Survey 2015 results

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What did you like? Most of you like the easy to use & learn our applications. In the same idea, you think our application are intuitive and user-friendly. You also mentioned our scripting engine (Askiascript 2.0), the flexibility and the fact our platform is open to extend the software as well as the quality of the support. Our personal favorite was “The close working relationship and the willingness to listen to our concerns”. What did you not like? You would like us to simplify the management/modification of web screens to…

Brand new online documentation

New online documentation by Askia

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have released our brand new online documentation for our software suite: askiadesign, askiafield and askiaanalysis. You can access these new online assistants here: AskiaDesign Assistant AskiaField Assistant AskiaAnalysis Assistant This major update of our documentation was led by Tim Macer and Andrew Walford from Meaning Ltd and offers many new features: New help authoring tool We replaced our old help system (farewell RoboHelp!) and are now using a new web-based help authoring tool that allows us to easily update and…



Our latest update to askiavista, our online data analysis and reporting web app, is finally here! Version is an incremental update that contains many fixes and some useful new features: Scenarios Askiavista can now make use of askiadesign‘s useful Scenarios (aka Versions) in order to filter the list of questions and/or responses. This allows you to customise the display of your survey variables and responses based on the sets of Scenarios defined in askiadesign. In the case of an omnibus survey, you could for example create a Scenario…

Askia now hiring technical support staff in the UK!

Askia London now hiring tech support staff

Update: this job offer is no longer available. Please come back soon for more jobs! Location Shoreditch, London. Description The primary responsibility of this position is to provide technical support to customers by researching issues, answering questions, and general troubleshooting of problems.  Additional duties will include: Phone, email, and in-person technical assistance Remote and on-site training and installations Pre-sales support (demonstrations and presentations) Requirements: General Skills One (1) year Market Research software expertise (survey scripting and/or data processing) Knowledge of data collection and data processing techniques Knowledge of…

New version of askiaanalyse


This post is the second in a series that detail the key features in version of askiadesign & askiaanalyse. The blog post on askiadesign can be found here. Much development work has been invested in to take our Analysis software to the next level. A detailed list of these great new features can be found in the version roadmap. Below are a summary and examples of several key developments: Table of contents: Table arithmetic (Cleaning script) Aggregated scripts Table arithmetic (Calculation arithmetic) Table suppression Paste captions New keywords in script calculations New options in level…