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We are pleased to invite you to a special webinars series, “Simplicity is complexity well done”, hosted by Askia and featuring innovative solutions from Askia and its network of partners.

Taking place throughout the month of June, each of the exclusive webinars will focus on a specific solution designed by and for market research professionals, providing smart tools to handle complex survey data.

Registration is free : simply click on the “Register now!” links below (there are 4 different links, one for each webinar).

Starting June 7th, every Thursday at 4pm UK time:

Genius is in the detail: Platform One

Thursday 7 June, 2018 – 1st Session

Ed Messent (Platform One) will provide an in-depth overview including a live demo of Platform One, the only genuinely unified Insights Management Platform that will change the way you manage Panel, Communities and Voice of the Customer.

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A new angle on reporting survey data: askiasurf, askiavista and askiaanalyse

Thursday 14 June, 2018 – 2nd Session

Christine Caggia-Porruncini (Askia) will show you all the tools that you need to quickly and effectively generate insights from your data. You will learn how to perform analyses across multiple survey waves seamlessly ; how to bring your data to life and finally, how to extract the diamond from the coal.

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A game-changer in the dashboard design market: Iris

Thursday 21 June, 2018 – 3rd Session

Russ Budden (E-Tabs) will give you an exclusive preview of IRIS, the full-featured dashboard design platform specifically tailored to the needs of market research. You will discover that IRIS has unique capabilities and understand why it is a game-changer for our industry.

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The new gold standard for coding: Codeit Professional

Thursday 28 June, 2018 – 4th Session

Join our experts from Digital Taxonomy and discover how Codeit will transform the quality and speed of how you create insight from unstructured text, including survey verbatims, customer reviews, feedback, public consultations and many other data sources.

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