Here at Askia, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new user web pages!

We think you will enjoy this new, user-friendly area, designed with lots of fresh & easy-to-navigate information and articles. We have been busy both importing content that previously existed and also creating new content that we felt was missing. Much thought and effort has been put into tagging all the different pieces of content, so that it should be easier to find what you are looking for.

The information is broadly divided into six main sections:

  • What’s new
    • There is always something new going on with Askia. In this section we provide you with the latest release features, so you can check out what has been enhanced and added to your solutions.
  • How to
    • Not sure how to setup a max-diff survey? Or simply want to know how to create a basic survey or routing? Maybe you need to optimise system performance when analysing your data? No problem – learn everything you’ll need here!
  • Installation
    • We are not compatible with MacOs or Linux (yet), but here is how you can install our software on Windows (downloads, minimum requirements, installations guides, architecture, version history, etc.).
  • Developer
    • If C# means more to you than a musical note, then this section is for you. Check out our API documentation and available SDKs to leverage Askia features your own way.
  • Contribute
    • Because you have good ideas on how to improve the Askia solutions or you want to help create & share new question controls, you are welcome to use this area to share your thoughts & ideas with us.
  • Contact
    • Despite the huge number of interesting articles 😉, you haven’t found what you are looking for and you’re desperate for help. This section is for you.

And because you have less time to learn and you need to understand the system faster, we have added a new video section. We plan to create many more videos in the future and build this section into a comprehensive video library.

Whatever your level of expertise or the role you have within your organisation, please explore and enjoy the updated support help pages and do let us know what you think!