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Slice & dice the market research cake

New software built around the needs of research practitioners can relieve the enormous pressure they’re under. More than that: it has the power to make their working lives at once easier, more stimulating and more rewarding. In fact, market researchers can now slice, dice and have their cake (and eat it!) Industry challenges and pressure on research professionals as individuals have been mounting over the last few years. Researchers are constantly being told to be smarter, quicker, more agile, more innovative and more accountable; to process, integrate and…

Askia launches a dedicated professional services team

Askia professional services

Over the last few weeks Askia has been investing in a new dedicated professional services team of scripters, DP and report specialists to pick up the increased demand we have been seeing from clients recently. Askia has always been a software house first and foremost and in the past, when we got occasional requests for Askia overflow work, we looked to pull resources from all over the company to get the projects done for the clients. Sometimes we just didn’t have the capacity and we had to pass…

Version askiaanalyse

Version askiaanalyse

This post is the second in a series of two that detail the key features in version of askiadesign & askiaanalyse. Much development work has been done in which bring about a whole host of great new features. A detailed list of these can be found in the version roadmap. Below are five of these features. Table of contents: Improvement of inverted data format Nested Edges Sig Test Options Stored In Variable / Column Excel Export Options Weighting Efficiency Improvement of inverted data format Inverted data is stored and read variable…