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Askia UX survey results: some insights about our users

Askia UX survey results

We couldn’t begin this new blogpost without thanking all the participants who have kindly taken part in the last Askia UX survey! We’d like to share some interesting (and some surprising) insights concerning different user profiles and behaviours. In our previous article, we spoke about our decision to begin a user segmentation project. Our survey allowed us to enrich our knowledge about our users and discover usage patterns in our products. By focusing on the tasks that users tended to perform with our solutions, we have been able…

Let’s speak about how you use Askia

Let's speak about how you use Askia

Take part in our user segmentation survey so that we can better understand how you use Askia software. Are you a recurring or a one-time user? Do you have specific use cases or are you a true Swiss army knife when it comes to our apps?  The Askia product team is curious and needs you to answer a short survey (approximately 7 minutes) in order to improve user knowledge, in order to build products that better fit your needs! A few words about the process Over the past…

Askia is looking for a UX designer

Askia UX designer

Askia is looking for an experienced UX designer to join our headquarters located in the center of Paris. In an Agile environment, you will join our Design team to: help us better understand our users by gaining actionable insight from user data design compelling features, interactions and user flows work closely with Product Owners to understand requirements and user feedback work closely with the Development team to ensure handoff is efficient and requirements are met build and maintain a flexible and agile Design System usable throughout our range…