Take part in our user segmentation survey so that we can better understand how you use Askia software.

Are you a recurring or a one-time user? Do you have specific use cases or are you a true Swiss army knife when it comes to our apps? 

The Askia product team is curious and needs you to answer a short survey (approximately 7 minutes) in order to improve user knowledge, in order to build products that better fit your needs!

A few words about the process

Over the past few months the Askia product team has decided to get closer to its users and refine its knowledge about them. We have started to conduct user research, set up processes, meet users in workshops and usability tests to gather key information about their use of Askia, collect feedback and understand pain points, to feed our decisions about the product.

This user research involves a huge user segmentation in order to be able to meet their specific needs by type of profile and prioritise optimisation projects by user segment.

Segmenting. Why and how?

We need to improve our understanding of all types of Askia users.

To do this we could have created personas by segmenting our users by job title (e.g. script writers, supervisors, data analysts, …), country and type of organisation. But this method, although interesting does not seem to be adapted because:

  • We have noticed that our users may have different job titles depending on the company for similar missions
  • Our users may have a more or less large scope of missions which may cover different steps (survey design, fieldwork, analysis) depending on the size and internal organisation of their company

For this reason, we have decided to segment our users by types of performed tasks; we would therefore like to launch a survey in order to better understand their usage patterns:

  • Validate/invalidate our assumptions about the different tasks our users have on Askia
  • Identify the different tasks that our users perform on Askia
  • Identify the recurrence for each task
  • Once the identification has been specified, have an idea of how many users perform each defined task and how frequently
  • Prioritise the tasks that cause the most issues for our users

Better understand your expectations and needs

Once this survey is completed, we will have a better idea of the importance of each of the identified tasks. We then plan to meet with selected users and conduct exploratory interviews in order to dig deeper:

  • The context in which they perform each task
  • Their expectations for each task
  • Their needs to carry out each of these tasks

Help us get to know you better

If you are a current Askia user and would like to help us expand our user knowledge, you can enter your email below and you will receive the survey in the next few weeks.

We would be very happy to include you in the study!