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How to enhance the respondent experience

Respondent-centric surveys

Let’s face it – there are still way too many boring questionnaires around. They can take so long to complete – some make Tolstoy’s War & Peace look like a tweet! These types of surveys can lose a respondent to our industry for months, if not years. We all know this. We see people speaking out about this at every conference and summit, but still we see the tedious surveys.  But we at Askia are not going to give up: so this is another call to arms to apply the advice we provide to our Market Research clients on how to enhance the user experience & how to be more respondent-centric:  Engage with the respondent  Simplify the process  Decrease…

Askiaface: moving forward

Askiaface for iOS & Android moving forward

In order for us to continue maintaining and improving our face-to-face iOS and Android apps, we continually need to update the components upon which these are built; namely the base SDKs provided by Apple and Google. Of course, this implies that we sometimes also need to drop support for older versions of these development tools. Either because maintaining them is time-consuming or because of breaking changes introduced in subsequent platform updates. We have therefore decided to drop support for such obsolete mobile OS versions. Here’s the breakdown: iOS…

Askiaface for iOS updated to version 3.0.12

Askiaface for iOS updated to version 3.0.12 header image

An update to askiaface for iOS is now available on the App Store. This minor update provides the following changes: Fixes an issue with certain ADCs displaying incorrect characters when non-latin languages were used Fixes an issue with resources not displayed in certain conditions (seems like we’ve finally got that one, sorry about it!) Full for support version 5.3.5 scripts and keywords We’ve also added some goodies in preparation for the next update; among which: resource uploads to Amazon Web Services and support for Askiaface Description, so stay tuned for…