Askia will once again be at the Palais Brongniart for the 9th edition of the show, 23-34 September 2021

We invite you to visit the show, meet the Askia team and discover everything that Askia has been working on since the last in-person exhibition back in 2019.

Benchmark workshop: new interviewing methods

24th September, 11:30 -12:30 at the Grand Auditorium

The session will be moderated by Pascale Zobec, founder of EME, who will be joined by Christine Caggia-Porruncini, Scientific Director of Askia, Stephen Bronnec Tech Team Lead at Askia, Marion Blanc, President of Civiliz and Jérémy Lefebvre, Co-Founder and CEO of Episto.

During the session the presenters will describe an exciting new methodology using bots (e.g. Facebook, Slack, etc.) and voice assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.) to reverse the traditional roles during a survey: respondents guide the direction of the survey and the interviewer observes and reacts. Questions can be intelligently adapted depending on topics being discussed, and the data collected is richer than just factual data, as we can capture their emotions throughout the survey.

This process makes data collection more engaging for the respondents and allows researchers to potentially gain better access to people often excluded from standard surveys, such as the visually impaired or the difficult to reach (e.g. teens or older people).

Discover Askia Rapide

Anastassia, Catherine, Christine, Jérôme, Maarten, Patrick, Stephen will be waiting for you to share a new experience with our new platform Askia Rapide. Automating surveys, whether simple or complex, has never been so fast!

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