The following is an article written by Susan Hines, Manager, Experience Research at Informa, and Jamey Corriveau, Director of US Operations at Askia. It relates Informa’s decision to move their survey data collection to Askia and the powerful metrics they experienced as a result.

Before partnering with Askia, we were outsourcing Informa Financial Intelligence survey data collection. Two years into our relationship with Askia, we can report 20% reduction in costs with far greater control over our custom-designed programs, and we are able to serve our clients more efficiently and with faster response times.


At Informa Financial Intelligence, the world’s leading provider of fund management, wealth management, investment banking and retail banking market intelligence and competitive research, we have deployed Askia across all the customer engagement and loyalty research we do for our clients in the retail banking sector. Our signature SEA Score benchmark study was launched on Askia in Q3 of 2016, and now provides our retail banking clients with unparalleled understanding of their customer and member engagement and its effects on their organizations.


The cost structures were rigid and not scalable when all survey programming, hosting, data collection, and data processing were outsourced, and deploying our own surveys was expensive. Working with vendors left us at the mercy of their timetables, pricing, and technology platforms—some of which were looking dated and out of style.

How Askia helped

Long-term customer engagement survey programs were reprogrammed on Askia, giving them an updated look and feel and making them fully responsive to the latest mobile technology platforms, thereby enhancing the survey experience for our clients’ customers. Using Askia has made it much faster and easier to program and launch new one-off and ongoing survey programs. In addition, our data collection and analysis are all hosted by us, affording greater security and control.


With Askia, we have greater flexibility in survey design, programming, look-and-feel, and timing. Having survey programming, data collection, and analysis in a single platform minimizes time and errors. This has not only saved us a significant amount of money, it allows us to respond to our client requests more quickly, often within minutes or hours instead of days. This frees us up to spend more time, probably several more hours a week, on the value-added reporting and deepening the insights that inform our clients’ businesses. 

Informa and Askia quotes


Susan Hines, Manager, Experience Research at Informa, states:

“None of this would be possible without the most responsive and helpful support team Askia provides.”



Jamey Corriveau, Director of US Operations at Askia, adds:

“Finding ways to drive our customers’ business success is the reason we, at Askia, develop software.”

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