The latest release of askiadesign is jam-packed with new features (along with the usual fixes!); here are some of the most notable ones:

New routing: Query Web Service

We have added a new routing: Query a web service. It allows you to call a Web Service in order to have your survey interact with external data, third-party web applications, … The interface allows you to run different scripts depending on the success of the call and to manipulate and store the different parts of the response. We can manipulate XML or JSON response formats directly using  askiascript.

Screenshot of Query Web Service routing

If you want to know more about this new routing, check out a previously related blog post.

Selecting default ADCs

While we had already added the possibility to set default Askia Design Controls for closed, multiple & question table variables, we have now added numeric, open ended and date questions in your survey’s Screen Generation options:

Default ADCs

Open live survey

This nifty new feature allows you to open a live survey directly from within askiadesign without having to open Supervisor in order to apply updates to a survey present in askiafield:

Open Live Survey

In order to set this up, you’ll just need to add Design as a module in Supervisor and allow the relevant user to have multiple logins as well as allow the Design module in the user’s restrictions.

Select Platform One community

Whenever you add Platform One questions to a survey, the application checks if the survey has already got some questions defined and associated to Platform One.If no question has yet been defined, the system lets you select from a list of predefined communities:

Select Platform One community

New additions to Dynamic Libraries

We have added some new functionality to our very useful Dynamic Library feature:

  • Text substitution
  • Entering a list of responses
  • Uploading a resource
  • Conditional selection of questions / responses / routings
  • Import responses & corresponding entry codes from an external DB
  • Import an entire survey within a master survey template

For a more detailed description of each of these new features for dynamic libraries, check out this Knowledge Base article!

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