Voice is the most intuitive, natural and efficient way to communicate. It’s also an emotional microscope. The award winning Phebi solution goes beyond what people say, illuminating how they felt when they said it. ​The combination of analysis of both emotion (based on ‘tonal analysis’ of the respondent’s vocal characteristics) and sentiment (based on the words used) helps researchers understand people more deeply and better predict their behaviour.​ In effect, Phebi allows researchers to add qualitative depth to their quantitative surveys.

And here at Askia we are delighted to announce the launch of not one, but two new initiatives with our partners at Phebi. Firstly, Phebi v3 has just launched to the world. Details of the v3 release can be found here. And secondly, for Askia users v3 comes with the additional benefit of an ADC (Askia Design Control) specifically designed to make it easy to add curate, manage and analyse audio survey responses. With a Phebi credit account and Askia you can begin adding audio options everywhere you collect open-ended verbatim questions, often for a few tens of Dollars (or Pounds or Euros) per project.

How is Phebi different? Phebi doesn’t just collect audio responses in a survey, it does much more. The integration is simple. Just create an open-ended question in AskiaDesign and then apply the Phebi ADC. Respondents will have the option to type or speak their response. Every response is transcribed in real time and added back into your Askia survey (and you can choose to show this to the respondent during collection). There is no delay or need for post-project transcription and reintegration with the transcribed responses. The integration with Askia and the storage of the recording is taken care of by Phebi. The system’s automated tonal analysis will help you gain a deeper understanding of the engagement and enthusiasm (or otherwise) of your respondents.

One of the killer features of v3 is that Phebi now supports video – i.e. the system will do a complete analysis of the emotional content in a video response as well as a spoken response. They have done a really neat job here, so for example, without any extra work the videos have the transcriptions turned into subtitles on the video recordings.

You can see the capture side of things in action, with our new Phebi demo. We have set this up in both English and French and you can test out the audio or video options.

Phebi demo survey

And if you want to try out the whole solution then contact your key account manager and we can create a Phebi credit account for you and you can run a pilot project.

Credits: Feature image by Tengyart on Unsplash