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Askia User Survey 2018 Results

Askia user survey 2018 results

The 2018 edition of our popular Askia User Survey was mailed out this past winter. Once again, we received tons of amazing feedback.  You did not hold back! Your passion came through whether you were a new user, expert user, happy user, unhappy user.  We are humbled by your honesty. Trust that your feedback will be reviewed constructively and used to help you, your company, and Askia. “My first survey in my life that I fill out conscientiously :-D” (Ummmm… Thank you?) Whether it was an appreciative nod…

Askia User Survey 2017 results

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The 2017 edition of our popular Askia User Survey was mailed out this past spring. We received a record number of replies this year and once again, we were humbled by the tremendous amount of constructive feedback. Whether it was an appreciative nod to one of our teams, a smart suggestion for improvement, or an insightful story about your personal Askia experience: all your responses are incredibly valuable to us and help us bring the best out of our software. If you took part in the survey, we’d…

Askia User Survey 2015 results

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What did you like? Most of you like the easy to use & learn our applications. In the same idea, you think our application are intuitive and user-friendly. You also mentioned our scripting engine (Askiascript 2.0), the flexibility and the fact our platform is open to extend the software as well as the quality of the support. Our personal favorite was “The close working relationship and the willingness to listen to our concerns”. What did you not like? You would like us to simplify the management/modification of web screens to…