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Panel providers, unite – the speech at the ASC

Panel providers, unite! The speech

On the 9th of November, the ASC invited some panel providers to attend a discussion on panel harmonisation. The discussion was orchestrated by Tim Macer. Angus Webb, Panelbase James McCoy, Research Now Jane Usoskina, Lucid Joaquim Bretcha, Netquest (and Esomar) Jon Puleston, GMI Orkan Dolay, Respondi Here was my speech – the written version at least as I may have ad-libbed a few unscripted things. Market Research is changing. You have heard it a million times – not in the way that Ray Pointer announced. There will be…

Welcome to the machine

Welcome to the machine header image

The following is a transcript of a talk given by yours truly and Chris Davison from KPMG Nunwood at ASC’s One Day Conference on the Challenges of Automation in Survey Research on May, 11th 2017. Introduction We have entered the golden era of automation –in other word: make machines do things. At first it was repetitive and simple things – find duplicates in a sample list, copy that survey and substitute the word Coca-Cola by Pepsi and send the results to all the executives of the relevant company…

Big Data with just one digit

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I know some of you think I only attend conferences for the free food, the drinks and the social scene. They are right – no point in me denying. But in-between parties, I tend to heal my hang-overs in the semi-darkness of conferences. Coming back from the ASC and ESOMAR, there are a few new tendencies in the Autumn/Winter MRX fashion. Forgotten MROC, gamification, mobile research, Big Data – that’s so last year… it’s main stream, dude. These days the cool kids talk about Automation, Data fusion, Artificial Intelligence……