In 2016, as we celebrated Askia’s 20th anniversary, we published our company’s vision, mission and values for the first time.

If you’ve followed us over the past 3 years you will know that we have undertaken a series of major developments. In the process, we have moved away from “Askia software for surveys” to become “Askia automating insight”. Our offering now integrates a strategic dimension and we favour a long-term partnership approach providing expert advice to support our customers through the most complex and strategic projects.

This new positioning certainly impacts our view on how we define ourselves as a company and where we’re heading. So naturally, we decided to review our identity statements and asked ourselves the following questions:

• Are the core values still a true reflection of Askia’s culture?
• Does the mission statement make a compelling declaration about our purpose and values?
• Does it reflect Askia’s responsibilities to its stakeholders (ie. employees, partners, customers and investors).
• Does it say what we do and what makes us different from the competition?
• Is the vision statement realistic and achievable? Is it memorable? Does it say where we want to be?
• Do both statements reflect how people feel about our company, our software and the professional services we provide?

This challenging exercise led us to a revamped proposition:

Askia’s mission

Our mission is to build technology to help understand & predict human behavior. 

Askia’s vision

We want to be the technology partner of choice for visionary MR agencies.

Askia’s values

People-focused “We solve problems and help people in the process”
Partners “We are embedded into our clients’ strategies”
Experts “We are research industry specialists”
Different “We are innovative, quirky and inspire the industry with our fresh approach”
Passionate “We love what we do and take pride in our clients’ achievements”