‘Filtered Weighting’ is an exciting new feature recently added to AskiaAnalyse. It removes the need for manual intervention when implementing certain weighting requirements.

Probably the best way to explain the feature is to show you a working example, so I’ve put together a five-minute video demonstration of the new feature which can be viewed below.

In the example, the requirement is to equally weight all but one of the responses of a question. The remaining response is to be left unweighted i.e. its observed percentage does not change before and after applying the weighting.

In the video I firstly show how we would have achieved this prior to the new feature using a method requiring a manual update when more data is received. I then show how we can achieve this now in a more automated fashion using the new filtered weighting feature.

For this particular weighting scenario, we think this feature will save a great deal of time and also reduce the chances of error, always inherent in a manual process.

Photo by Beth Rufener on Unsplash

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